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Andy for Pilot, Diversity Day, Health Care, The Alliance, Basketball, Women's Appreciation, the extra "Newpeat" quotes, AND all of the Webisodes.
Muggins for Boys and Girls, Phyllis' Wedding, Dwight's Speech, The Merger, The Fire, Sexual Harassment, and Diwali.
Adam for Gay Witch Hunt, The Coup, The Negotiation, Safety Training, Product Recall, and the second half of The Job.
Jules for Valentine's Day, Back From Vacation, A Benihana Christmas, Survivor Man, Chair Model, Beach Games part 1, Dunder Mifflin Infinity part 1, and Night Out part 2.
Charlie for Take Your Daughter to Work Day, Business School, The Convict, and Michael's Birthday.
Jessica for The Injury, The Client, Performance Review, and E-mail Surveillance.
Jodi for Branch Closing, Conflict Resolution, and Halloween.
Emily for Office Olympics, Cocktails, and Initiation.
Susan M. for Hot Girl, Drug Testing, the second half of Beach Games, and the first half of The Job.
Danielle for Christmas Party and The Return.
Mark for The Fight and Traveling Salesmen.
Amanda for Booze Cruise and The Convention.
Barb for Grief Counseling and The Carpet.
Sonia for Launch Party part 2, Money part 2, and Branch Wars.
Aaron for Casino Night and Dinner Party part 1.
Mohamed for Money part 1.
Nikki for The Dundies.
Jannelle for The Secret.
Molly for Ben Franklin.
Brian for Fun Run.
Katie for Did I Stutter?
Dan for Job Fair.
Karen for Launch Party part 1.
Malik for Dunder Mifflin Infinity part 2.
Chelsea for Dinner Party part 2.
Brian for Night Out part 1.

Season 8:
Christine G. for The Incentive, Lotto, Special Project, & S8E1-13 DeletedScenes.
Henson&Clockwise for Mrs. California, Gettysburg, & Pam's Replacement.
Henson&Naomi for Spooked.
Clockwise for Pool Party, Trivia, Jury Duty, Tallahassee, Welcome Party, Angry Andy, & Free Family Portrait Studio.
Naomi for Garden Party.
Stephanie for The List & Doomsday.
Bruno for After Hours.
Greg for Turf War.
Erica for Test the Store & Get the Girl.
Brant for Last Day in Florida.
AlexM for Fundraiser.

Erica for The Third Floor.

Season 9:
Ashley N. for New Guys, A.A.R.M, & Livin' the Dream.
Brant for Roy's Wedding, Couples Discount, Vandalism, & The Farm.
Arsheen for Andy's Ancestry.
Christine G. for Work Bus, The Boat, Moving On, Promos, & Paper Airplane.
Erica for The Here Comes Treble, The Whale, The Target, Customer Loyalty, & Junior Salesman.
Shawn for Dwight Christmas.
Amanda K. for Lice.
Jack L. for Suit Warehouse.
Chris M. for Stairmageddon.
Jason C. for Finale.